Gamification class at Coursera

I’ve recently received a statement of accomplishment document for Coursera’s online Gamification class that I took in August-October this year.

Gamification certificate

The course was lead by prof. Kevin Werbach from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. He told us about applying game techniques to non-game world problems: business, social etc. In essence, it’s on how to add FUN to processes, that are not supposed to be fun at all. Which is really cool. I loved both informative and well-producted lectures, and peer-reviewed assignments that appeared to be… fun :)

Want to know why Stackoverflow and Foursquare are such a success? Come join this course next time!

I hope I’ll have a chance to apply the ideas from the course in real life!

Cloud developer and researcher.
Software engineer at Pulumi. Microsoft Azure MVP.

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