Multi-level telerik's TileView

We were investigating the options for visual representation of hierarchical dashboard in our Silverlight application. This means, we want to display the number of gauges with tree-like structure. Here is a sample:

--- Fuel economy index
------ Preventative driving
--------- Accelaration style
--------- Braking frequency
--------- Stop approach
------ Gear shifting index
--------- ...
--- Degree of difficulty
------ ...
--- Events
------ ......

One of the options was to use Telerik’s TileView control. It doesn’t support hierachies out of the box, but we’ve made a prototype control, which proves that the task is doable. Here is how nested TileView’s look like: Tile view

Everything works with templates and data binding, no dirty tricks needed. You can download the sample project with multi-level TileView’s from here.

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