One certificate missing, one received unexpectedly

Today I want to give a note about two more online courses that I completed.

The last one (10 weeks in September-November) was called Introduction to Computational Finance and Financial Econometrics and was lead by Eric Zivot from University of Washington. First of all, it was the most intense course out of all that I took to date. Every of 10 weeks we had about 3-4 hours of videos + homework. The course material was mostly about maths and statistics, and less about application in economics. However, some concepts were new to me and sounded very interesting.

I scored about 95% on all tests and exams (they were relatively easy comparing to video material). But unfortunately, I got no certificate or even course record for this! It seems that University of Washington did not allow Coursera to issue such certificates and records… What a shame! I spent lots of time on it, and a record would be satisfactory. Please be careful if you take this course or other courses of UoW in the future.

However, I got another unexpected certificate. In June, I took a course called Human-Computer Interaction about user interface design concepts and approaches. I started it with a big delay because of my vacation, so I thought I wouldn’t score enough for a certificate. But I was wrong! I got the certificate 6 months after the course ended: HCI certificate

The course was short but useful. I wish there would be an extension course, which would cover more details on the topic.

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