Learn Terraform

Welcome to a hands-on, self-paced lab focused on Terraform and Azure!


With no prior experience required, you will learn the basics of Terraform and its Azure provider. You will provision an Azure Function App with all required dependencies and will get a simple but fully working serverless application up and running.


The lab is a step-by-step tutorial that guides you through the process of building a simple serverless application. We focus on automating infrastructure provisioning rather than writing application code.

In about an hour or so, you learn about Resource Groups, Storage Accounts, App Service Plans, and Function Apps in Azure. You define infrastructure in Hashicorp Configuration Language and provision it from the command-line interface.

At the same time, you learn the fundamentals of Terraform, its programming model and workflow.

Target Audience

The lab assumes basic familiarity with Azure services listed above. But even if you are very new to Azure, you’ll be able to follow along and look up additional information in Azure docs as you go.

No prior experience with Terraform is required.