Mocking API calls in Aurelia

Aurelia is a modern and slick single-page application framework. “Single-page application” aspect means that it’s loaded into the browser once, and then the navigation happens on the client side and all the data are loaded from a REST API endpoint.


API to get the list of hotels

In our travelling application, we need to show the list of hotels in a city (St. Petersburg, Russia at the moment, but more will be needed in the future). The idea was to find a hotel information provider, and then upload the complete list into our own database.


Google Transit API research

Recently, Google has launch a Transit service for the biggest cities of Russia: a service to caculate routes with public transport options. As a part of RnD for upcoming project, I need to understand whether there's any feasible way to calculate public transport route programmatically. I.e. I need Google Transit API.